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Tracie Radford, Certified Trichologist & Educator


Here at Make It Happen Hair Loss Clinic and Wellness Center we specialize in hair loss and scalp problems as well as supplemental IV therapy and safe protective hair augmentation.

We provide high quality hair loss solutions, hair loss treatments and nutritional supplementation that obtain results that will

Your Hair Follicles!

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6927 Brockton Ave. Ste. 2B Riverside, CA 92506

777 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way. Ste 200-103 Palm Springs, Ca  92262

Appointments: (951) 686-2921

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We offer you the opportunity to discover what the "root" cause is for your hair loss or scalp problem then customize a treatment plan for your specific needs.  After a comprehensive consultation, trico-scope analysis and health analysis is completed our Certified Trichologist will review the pertinent information and establish the underlying cause(s) of your hair loss or scalp problem.  The client will then be offered holistic treatment options or a referral to a medical doctor when needed.


  • Comprehensive Consultation - Discovering the why

  • Trico-scope Analysis - A closer look at the hair, scalp and follicles

  • Health Analysis - What might you be deficient in?

  • Blood Chemistry Analysis - Let's take a broader look at your blood work

  • All Natural Treatment Options - No Minoxidil needed we have all natural options for you

  • Scalp Detox - Remove toxins and build up

  • Gut Detox - Let's rid the body of waste and toxins

  • Customized Treatment Plans for Hair Loss - Just what the Trichologist ordered for You

  • Customized Treatment Plans for Scalp Conditions - Just what your scalp needs

  • Light Therapy - Stimulation and cellular regeneration

  • Ozone Therapy - Miracle in a glass probe

  • Cellular Regeneration - Let's generate some new cells

  • Wellness Services - Bypass the gut and go directly into the blood stream

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  • For Venmo or CashApp payments contact our office:  

Hair Loss Types

Hair Loss Types

 All services offered vary based on your specific condition. Hair loss can be a cause for various reasons. A proper consultation & tricoscope analysis can determine which of the following conditions you may be suffering from. 

What is Trichology?

What is Trichology?

 Trichology is the scientific study of the hair and scalp.  

 A Trichologist is someone that specializes in matters that are related to hair loss and scalp health. Professional Trichologist are those that have been certified in their field which includes the study of anatomy and physiology, genetic inheritance, microbiology, nutrition, chemistry and the study of the hair and scalp just to name a few. 



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Diamond Clear Collection and Supplemental Support Product Line

3 New Products Coming  DECEMBER 2022

What's New!

  • Diamond Clear Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Mih E-ssential Body Oil

  • Mih Nourishing Beard Oil 

  • Complete Multi. Vitamin

What our customers love!

See what's new

  • Diamond Clear Stimulating Shampoo & Conditioner

  • Crystal Clear Healing Scalp Spray

  • Diamond Strong Edge Tamer

  • Advanced Multi. Vitamin

  • Immune Support

  • Yellow Gold Growth Serum


Make It Happen
  Hair Loss Clinic & Wellness Center - Palm Springs Location


Now open in 

Sunny Palm Springs, California

Are you suffering from hair loss or scalp problems and you're looking for sustainable solutions. 


Look no further! 


We can help you make it happen!  


Schedule your appointment today for a comprehensive consultation, health analysis, and a trico-scope analysis.

We take a Holistic Approach 

  • No Laser

  • No Minoxidil

Executive Suites

777 East Tahquitz Canyon Way,

Suite 200,

Palm Springs CA 92262 


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