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Refer. Regrow. Repeat

October 9, 2019

Are you a stylist that has clients sitting in your chair that are experiencing hair loss and or scalp problems that you don’t have the training to address?

Refer. Regrow. Repeat
Refer. Regrow. Repeat

It’s ok to not know, but it is not ok to ignore or cover up your clients hair loss and not inform them of it or assist them in finding help.

Refer them to a professional that can assist you with helping them. There are certified professionals trained to address hair loss. Reach out to a Certified Trichologist for help. Don’t be selfish, and by that I mean, do not get help for your client because you are afraid of loosing a client. A professional Trichologist will not seek to take your client but rather help you keep a paying client.If you don’t address the needs of your clients that are experiencing hair loss or scalp problems eventually they will have no hair for you to do or cover up or they will seek help somewhere else and you will lose credibility and a client. There is no shame in not knowing but as a professional you should be ashamed for not doing all you can to help your clients. Find a local certified Trichologist to help you.

You can refer them to seek advice from a doctor, but referring them to dermatologists and doctors may not be enough. I respect doctors and their perspective within their scope of practice, however for some there are gaps in their training as it relates to hair loss and scalp problems. As long as physically the patient's health is fine, the patients hair loss is not a big deal to the doctor, but it can devastating to the client.

Don’t allow your clients to come to you week after week, month after month, and year after year until all their hair has fallen out before you say I have gone as far as I can with you. We need a specialist to assist us in finding you a solutions.

There is no shame in a OB/GYN not knowing how to do the work of a Orthopedic doctor or a family practice doctor not knowing the work of a podiatrist, so when needed they refer you to a specialist and the two work together. Think about it – that’s the same relationship that needs to happen with Stylist and Trichologist.

Refer. Regrow. Repeat.

It’s beneficial for everyone!

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