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“I’m my losing my hair!! What should I do?”

October 1, 2019

Does it seem like your hair is falling out? Does it appear your hair is shedding so much you think you’re balding? Have you said to yourself, “I’m losing my hair! What do I do?”If you have thought or said any questions similar to these, I want to tell you – Stop Stressing! First things first, try to stop stressing about it because stress can actually cause hair loss.

“I’m my losing my hair!! What should I do?”
“I’m my losing my hair!! What should I do?”

The great thing about this is…you’re reading our blog which means you’re in the right place to get answers for hair loss and/or scalp problems!

So, now that you’ve stopped stressing…maybe; or at least temporarily, lol…let’s talk about what you can do about losing your hair!

SEEK HELP FROM A PROFESSIONAL! – A Certified Trichologist which is a hair loss and scalp specialist can help you find out why you are losing your hair and provide treatment options that are best for you and your hair needs. You may also seek help from a Dermatologist which specializes in skin, nails, hair, and its diseases. Many times it is beneficial to seek help from both a Dermatologist and a Certified Trichologist since they offer different services and have also been trained in different aspects of hair loss. Many Trichologists work hand in hand with Dermatologists which can be very helpful for you.

STAY COMPLIANT! – After you have seen a professional and been given a diagnosis and plan for treatment it is important to stay compliant. We’ve had some clients that receive their diagnosis and start a treatment plan where they achieve great results of growing their hair back and then refuse to follow the entire treatment plan as recommended for them. This means stopping or incorporating other therapies than what was specifically recommended to you and what your hair needs. Compliance is the most important part for successful hair growth results. Please remember that we recommend everything YOU need for optimal results; we do not add any “fluff”.

SET REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS! When talking to your hair loss specialist, tell them what your goals are. Be very honest; but also keep in mind that you have to set realistic expectations. The report between you and your hair loss specialist is vital during your treatment process. Tell your Certified Trichologist what your goals are so they can inform you if your goal can be realistically achieved or not. This avoids any sudden disappointment at the end of the hair therapy plan.

Is it realistic that you will be able to grow your hair back in areas where there is none? For many, the answer is Yes! I have heard several clients say, “My hair use to be long and thick when I was 10 years old.” Well, that might have been 30, 40, or even 50 years ago; so your hair may not grow back with the same thickness or length. Is it realistic your hair will grow back the exact same as 50 years ago? Maybe not. Remember, the goal is to have and set realistic goals.

STAY HOPEFUL!– If you are losing your hair – THERE IS HOPE! Make it Happen Hair Loss Clinic & Salon offers a comprehensive consultation, health analysis, and tricoscope analysis all in an effort to get to the root cause of your hair loss concerns and/or scalp problems. We then customize a plan that is specific for YOU to address your hair loss needs. So, no need to stress. Reach out to a professional today!

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