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Calling All Stylists!

October 1, 2019

Stylists, are your clients losing their hair and/or experiencing scaling and you’re scared to tell them? Or don’t know what to do to stop or get rid of it for them? I know this happens because I use to be guilty of it and I’m sure I am not alone – LOL.

If you are a professional stylist with integrity, most likely it is no your fault your clients hair might be falling out, so no need to be scared to tell or feel guilty because it’s happening.

Calling All Stylists!
Calling All Stylists!

Now, if you are a reckless stylist – and by that, I mean one that breaks all the rules for chemical services, heat protection, etc. – than it might be your fault. However, if you are following the rules and the hair is coming out from the roots, it is more than likely it is not your fault.


First of all, tell your client what you have noticed. Most of the time that have noticed as well, but are waiting for you to talk to them about it. Let them know what is going on and don’t be ashamed to confess if you don’t know what is happening and why. We are not trained in cosmetology school to treat hair loss or scalp problems. So, if you have not had any specialized training, you may be at a loss.

Don’t stop there! Help them find answers. Refer them to hair loss specialist (Make It Happen Hair Loss Clinic would love to help you help your client) or Find a Certified Trichologist and/or Dermatologist in your area. Remember, your clients trust you and they definitely will appreciate you helping them find a solution for their hair loss or scalp problem. Don’t be worried, you won’t lose a client because you don’t know how to stop their hair from coming out. You might, if you don’t help them find a solution. A professional Trichologist will work with you to assist your client, not try and steal them from you.

If you desire to be on the front line of defense as it relates to helping your clients take an introductory hair loss class that will help you identify hair loss and scalp problems. – Make It Happen Hair Loss Clinic’s Certified Trichologist will be offering Hair Practitioner’s courses as well. These course are designed to help you be a part of the solution for your clients. This course will also increase your confidence behind the chair. The goal is allow you to be able to say with confidence what your client is experiencing and refer them to the appropriate certified and professional Trichologist, Dermatologist and/or both, and work with them to solve your clients hair loss or scalp problem.

So, my stylist friend –


Help your client find solutions. Educate yourself. Maintain your clients trust. Help them with their hair loss or scalp problem.

“Let’s Make It Happen!”

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