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Are you a Trichology client?

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

October 9, 2019

Before about 5 years ago I hadn’t heard the term trichology since I’ve gone to cosmetology school, over 20 years ago.

Are you a Trichology client?
Are you a Trichology client?

Well, I was compelled to do much research on this science when a very long time client started losing her hair. Even after recommending her to a doctor, as we are taught to do in school, we still had no viable solutions for her hair loss, so I did what most of us do today when we need information – I googled hair loss – and information on trichology came up. After spending hours researching, I realized not only this client, but many of my clients where in need of help from a Certified Trichologist.

Prior to researching more, I didn’t know about all the different types of hair losses and the clinical features and treatments. Because of that lack of knowledge at the time, some of my clients were Trichology clients and I had no clue! I couldn’t completely help them.

Ask yourself a few questions to discover if you too are one – you nor your stylist may realize it. This is very important because some types of hair loss are permanent, but if caught early can be the difference between a small thin area and total baldness. Hear me when I tell you – I’ve seen this in my office more times than I’d like. Stylists and clients are doing things to their hair that are irreversible.

So, are you a Trichology client? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your hair shedding?

  • Is your hair thinning in the top/front area?

  • Is your scalp tender?

  • Does it itch excessively in the middle of your head?

  • Do you have a smooth patch of baldness?

  • Is your scalp scaling with or without itching, redness or bleeding?

  • Is your hair very dry?

  • Are the ends light in color?

  • Are your edges thin?

  • Do you have scaling that resembles cradle cap?

If you answered YES to any of these questions you are a Trichology client and you should see a Certified Trichologist immediately. Don’t panic! It really can make a difference between temporary and permanent hair loss.

You may have a great stylist, one that is the best in the field, but if he or she has only the knowledge they received in cosmetology school, which for most, they are not qualified to help you in the area, and some don’t even realize it or know where to refer you for additional help.

Call us for more information. Make It Happen Hair Loss Clinic specializes in hair loss and solutions to grow your hair and maintain a healthy scalp.

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